Boston is one of the oldest cities in Massachusetts in the U.S..  It can be traced back to 1630 when it first got its name. Important events like Boston Massacre, Boston Tea Party, Paul Revere’s midnight ride and many others that happened near Boston attributed to the rise of the American Revolution.  You may follow the Freedom Trail to visit the 16 historic places where crucial incidents were taken place.  

Faneuil Hall is one of the significant places where speeches encouraging independence were given. Hence it’s sometimes referred to as “Cradle of Liberty”.  Today, Faneuil Hall is a government office which is different from the Faneul Hall Marketplace, the shopping mall, Quincy Market is right next to the Faneuil Hall so don’t forget to schedule a lunch break, a snack or dinner, and allow plenty of time to browse the many shops and street-side kiosks in Quincy Market in Boston.


Museums near Quincy Market

If you are a museum-goer, check out the City Pass and see if it works for you.  For it allows free entry to:

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Market, parks and museums near Quincy Market in Boston

Other Attractions near Quincy Market, Boston, MA

Looking for a place to relax after visiting too many museums?  The Boston Public Garden is a gem in downtown Boston.  It’s so close to the city and yet so tranquil and peaceful.  You can walk around the park in an hour.  Or you can just sit there to watch the ducks or people.  If you like the swan boats, they are available from April till autumn.

If you like markets, the pushcarts along the Quincy Market are perfect for souvenir shopping for they sell local artefacts of Boston theme.  Otherwise, check out the Boston markets here for other types of markets.  As you noticed that Boston has so many things to see and do, why not stay in a hotel for a few days to give yourself plenty of time to explore!


Boston downtown